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Medical science has progressed beyond our wildest dreams, especially over the last 100 years, tackling deadly diseases and promoting wellness. At the same time, it has also lead to several new challenges such as antibiotic resistance, unforseen side effects and newer and deadlier life style diseases and disabilities. Homeopathy offers a ray of hope in such challenging circumstances. Sanjivini Homeopathic clinic, located in the heart of city of Kochi, has been providing quality health care for nearly two decades. We treat diverse diseases after careful evaluation and detailed study of patient and symptoms, which include the patients history and life style choices. If you have a disease not respond to any regular treatment, you need an expert homeopath, having enough experience. Welcome to Sanjivini Homeopathy.

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• 25 years in homeopathy
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Infertility is the inability of a person to become pregnant by natural means. Many people who are not fortunate to have a baby, anxiously pursue several treatment methods despite their side effects. Homeopathy is safe, effective, economical and has a high success rate. Sanjivini Infertility Specialty Clinic, which has helped hundreds of couples resolve their infertility issues and have babies. With our targeted and effective medication, we have been able to bring joy to their lives.

    We have specialty homeopathy treatment for –

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The aim of homeopathy treatment is to cure the patient by improving his immunity. Homeopathy medicines are prepared by a special method called ` potentisation ‘. These medicines are dynamic agents that stimulate the body’s vital energy. The time taken for treatment varies for different individuals as it depends on the nature of diseases and the depth of symptoms.

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  • Mr. A, 32 Years, Male Op No – CH-5022

    "I visited Sanjivini Homeopathy Clinic on 16-06-2017. I was suffering from prostatitis for the last some years. I tried allopathy and ayurvedic treatments without proper relief. I consulted Dr. Sebastian and after detailed case taking he prescribed medicine for me. Within one month the problem of burning and pain subsided. I was completely normal by 3 months. Now we have a baby girl and I am happy. Thank you Sanjivini, Thank you doctor."

  • Mr.J Angamaly, P No - 1509

    "I came to Sanjivini Clinic for infertility treatment. My sperm count was very low and had motility issues. I consulted Dr. Sebastian on January. After detailed case taking medicines was prescribed. I was very impatient to have a baby. With the assurance of the doctor, I continued the treatment. By eight months of treatment, my sperm count was improved and motility issues solved. Soon my wife got pregnant. We are blessed with a baby boy. Thank you doctor."

  • Mr.J 45 years, Op No -13-1738

    "For the last one year I was terribly affected with acidity problems. Sawallowing food was very difficult I felt breathless immediately after eating a little food. I consulted allopathy doctors and consume medicines, but without stable relief. Whenever I stop using allopathy medicines, the symptoms return. Then I heard about Sanjivini Homeopathy and consulted Dr.Sebastian. it was a miracle that shortly after the medicine started, I felt much relief and was completely cured by about 6 months medication. Thanks a lot doctor.."

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" The highest ideal of cure is the speedy,gentle and enduring restoration of health by the most trustworthy and least harmful way."

- Samuel Hahnemann

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