Mr. A, 32 Years, Male

Op No – CH-5022

I visited Sanjivini Homeopathy Clinic on 16-06-2017. I was suffering from prostatitis for the last some years. I tried allopathy and ayurvedic treatments without proper relief. I consulted Dr. Sebastian and after detailed case taking he prescribed medicine for me. Within one month the problem of burning and pain subsided. I was completely normal by 3 months. Now we have a baby girl and I am happy. Thank you Sanjivini, Thank you doctor.

Mr.J Angamaly

P No - 1509

I came to Sanjivini Clinic for infertility treatment. My sperm count was very low and had motility issues. I consulted Dr. Sebastian on January. After detailed case taking medicines was prescribed. I was very impatient to have a baby. With the assurance of the doctor, I continued the treatment. By eight months of treatment, my sperm count was improved and motility issues solved. Soon my wife got pregnant. We are blessed with a baby boy. Thank you doctor.

Mr.J 45 years

Op no -13-1738

For the last one year I was terribly affected with acidity problems. Sawallowing food was very difficult I felt breathless immediately after eating a little food. I consulted allopathy doctors and consume medicines, but without stable relief. Whenever I stop using allopathy medicines, the symptoms return. Then I heard about Sanjivini Homeopathy and consulted Dr.Sebastian. it was a miracle that shortly after the medicine started, I felt much relief and was completely cured by about 6 months medication. Thanks a lot doctor..

Mrs. N. Ernakulam

I had a problem of hypothyroidism. The T.S.H was around 20. I had fatigue, sleep disturbances and my menses was irregular and suffering from premenstrual syndrome. I consulted doctor at Sanjivini. The approach of the doctor was very encouraging. The case taking was a little lengthy. Doctor enquired all the symptoms and details of my habits and nature also. My symptoms got improves by 1 or 2 months of treatment. TSH came down and is normal now. I am continuing the medication. Thank you doctor.

Miss K 20 years

Op no – CH-5037

I have a problem of irregular menses 2 or 3 years after started my menses. It may came every 4 or 6 months only. I became obese also. I consulted a gynecologist and done ultrasonography and diagnosied as PCOD. The medicines from gynecologist couldn’t helped me to solve my problems. So I consulted doctor at Sanjivini Homeopathy and taken medicines. With a short span of time my periods become regular and normal. After some months of medication repeat ultrasonography shows that my ovaries are absolutely normal. Thanks doctor.

Mr. B Bangalore

I was diagnosed with Lichen Planns in my mouth on 2012. I consulted a skin specialist and desperated after a long treatment. When i understood that allopathy medicines are not so effective for Lichen Planns, I search for an alternative treatment .I heard about Sanjivini and consulted doctor there. By one year of medication my eruptions are almost gone. Thank you doctor.

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